Use of Coconut Oil For Psoriasis Treatment, Home Remedies

We are all well aware of the term “Psoriasis” and know how much it is difficult to treat. Psoriasis intensity is no doubt can be higher in all the parts of the body, but it becomes challenging to treat it, especially on the scalp.

According to the Research, the majority of the people with the chronic disease-psoriasis experience the symptoms on the scalp.

How to treat psoriasis with coconut oil?

You must be looking for the alternative ways to treat psoriasis without medications. The good news is coconut oil is here that can be used as an alternative option to alleviate the psoriasis itching and the unbearable pain. Coconut oil may offer a piece of hope for scalp psoriasis, but keep this in mind you should need to take advice from a doctor before replacing your medication with coconut oil.

What is coconut oil?

It is a derived form of cold-pressed coconut kernels. Coconut oil is rich in Lauric Acid that is a type. It is the best resource to reduce the following things:

  • Viruses
  • Inflammation
  • Harmful Germs
  • Fungus

We all know that coconut oil is used for cooking purposes. However, on the hand, it is also used to moisturize the skin. In its solid state, it is the best resource to treat psoriasis on the scalp.Similarly, coconut oil has many benefits. It is significantly helpful to moisten the dehydrating skin. Moreover, it is the best conditioner to hydrate dry scalp with psoriasis. If you want to get rid of excessive sebum (oil), then it is the best option that helps you to reduce itching sensation unrelentingly.

However, sometimes using coconut oil is not just enough to treat psoriasis, but adding a thick cream in it can significantly help in removing psoriasis.

How to use Coconut Oil for treating psoriasis?

There are many benefits of using coconut oil. It helps in strengthening the immune system and balance the level of saturated and unsaturated fats in the body. Similarly, it is the best in its topical application.

Coconut oil efficiently heals the infected skin, moisturize the cells and also helps in losing the flakes of psoriasis.

But the question is how to treat psoriasis with coconut oil? Here are few of the options that you can choose:

  • Internal consumption:

You can use coconut oil in your diet for lowering the effects of psoriasis. Moreover, you can incorporate it by adding it to your juices and veggies, etc. You can add 3-4 tablespoons to your diet for good result.

  • Use it as Moisturizer:

The psoriasis patient can treat psoriasis simpler just by applying coconut oil to psoriasis affected areas. You can apply 3 times in a day and leave the part to dry it thoroughly.

When it’s best to use coconut oil for psoriasis?

It’s better to use coconut oil after taking a shower as the body is in the condition in trapping in moisture after showering. Leave the oil for at least 1 or half an hour.

Important Note: There is no harm in using coconut oil for treating psoriasis on feet, legs, hands, scalp, nails and some other parts. It is not only beneficial for adults but as well as for kids also. It is best to treat pustular psoriasis, scalp psoriasis and plaque psoriasis with coconut oil. However, in severe conditions, you need to consult with your doctor.

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