Treatment of Psoriasis on Eyelids

We all know about psoriasis on knees, hands, scalp, and elbows. But have you ever heard about psoriasis on eyelids? Well, might be you have not heard. It is the rarest condition in which the person gets psoriasis on eyelids.

In this condition, the eyelids become covered with the scales and red patches around the skin. The edges become red and quite crusty. However, psoriasis for the longest time can make the things bitterer. It can affect the eyelid rims badly and can even cause lashes to rub against your eyeballs. Just imagine how difficult situation, it can be.

In this article, we will discuss what trigger psoriasis on eyelids and what is the best treatment for psoriasis on eyelids?

Best treatment for psoriasis around eyelids

However, in some of the cases, a particular kind of steroid is used for healing eyes. This medication is used for treating scaling around the affected eyes. Before using any medicine, it is necessary to consult with your doctor first because an eye can damage by your wrong medication.

Before going to discuss some of the best treatment for psoriasis around eyelids, it’s necessary to throw some light on the drawbacks of using the topical steroid.

If topical steroids use excessively, then it can cause cataracts around your eyes.

Treatments for eyelid psoriasis can be done in two ways. Well, treating a condition is very much crucial as it does not only help us to find the symptoms but also help us to overcome/slow the growth of skins cells and reduce the inflammation.

So two different types of treatment are available for treating eyelid psoriasis. The one is Topical Treatments and the second is Systemic Medication and also light therapy.

  1. Topical Treatment:  Several types of ointments and psoriasis cream greatly help the patients to treat mild stage of psoriasis. Moreover, it’s not necessary that every ointment suits your condition. Sometimes, over usage can increase the risk factors for glaucoma and cataracts.  So it’s essential to consult with your doctor first and then go for further steps.
  2. Phototherapy (light therapy): In phototherapy, the affected area of eye exposes to natural and artificial ultraviolet radiations (UV) which help in curing psoriasis around the eyes. Keep this in your mind that overexposure can harm your eyes.
  3. Systemic medication: In this type of treatment, your doctor prescribes you oral and injectable medication in case if the other treatments are not working for your condition. Moreover, the systematic medicines can have adverse side effects on your condition also. So it’s very much essential to consult with a doctor who can assist you in a better way. These medications only use in the initial stages when the condition becomes very critical. However, these are not useful for the long-term basis.

Not treatment should initiate without consulting with your doctor. The side effects can worsen even more than you can think.

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